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5 Tools Used for Chimney Cleaning

Post by : dminCMC


ave you ever wondered what tools a chimney sweep service provider uses to clean chimneys? Chimneys get dirty in various ways, which is why effective chimney cleaning relies on the use of numerous tools and cleaning agents.

Here’s a breakdown of 5 tools used for chimney cleaning.

Smoke coming from the chimney of a house in the woods

1. Chimney Sweep Rods

Chimney sweep rods are perfect for cleaning the deepest parts of flues. They’re often made using a sturdy material like steel to prevent them from bending during cleaning. They feature a grip at one end and a connector at the other to attach brushes and scrapers. Chimney sweep rods are designed to be connected so they’re able to clean chimneys of varying lengths.

2. Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are commonly attached to the end of chimney sweep rods to scrape the inside of the flue. They’re typically made using spring wires that are strong enough to scrape away debris inside a chimney yet soft enough to bend without snapping. Chimney sweeps use wire brushes with bristles of various lengths depending on how vigorously they wish to clean a chimney.

3. HEPA Vacuums

The best way to prevent debris from falling down the flue and into your fireplace during chimney cleaning is by using a vacuum. Chimney vacuums—also known as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums—are far more powerful than household vacuums and capable of trapping even the tiniest airborne particles. They also come with various attachments like brushes that are ideal for cleaning both the inside and outside of your chimney.

4. Snake Cameras

Have you ever seen doctors use endoscopic cameras to look inside a patient’s body? Snake cameras work in the same way! Their long, metallic structure makes them ideal to feed into a flue and check the extent of chimney cleaning required.

Snake cameras feature LED bulbs that act as torch lights to illuminate the inside of chimneys. They’re attached to a digital display that chimney sweeps use to guide the camera through the flue during a chimney inspection.

5. Creosote Removers

Did you know the tar-like substance stuck to the inside of your chimney is known as creosote? Unfortunately, creosote is extremely difficult to remove without special chemicals called creosote removers. If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in ages, the chimney sweep will use a powerful creosote remover with a high concentration of liquid manganese to melt the creosote off the flue liner.


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