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5 Reasons Your Fireplace Is Letting in a Cold Draft

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Do you feel like even with your lit fireplace, the room still feels a bit on the chilly side? If so, you might be suffering from what we here at creative masonry and chimney call “cold draft in chimney.”

It’s not just an uncomfortable feeling – cold drafts can raise your energy bills and minimize the heat output of any space. To help solve this, our experts have compiled five common reasons why your fireplace may be letting in cold air, plus some easy solutions to keep those pesky chills away!

So put on your detective hat and read along to see if any of these culprits could be responsible for sabotaging the cozy ambiance of your home.

1. The Chimney Is Blocked

Did you know that a blocked chimney can cause an unwelcome cold draft from your fireplace? Many unsuspecting homeowners are surprised to find out it may have something as simple (or complex) as a bird’s nest, leaves, or even snow blocking their flue and causing air circulation problems. Be sure to check yours today!

2. The Damper Is Closed

A common cause of an unwelcome chill from your fireplace can be attributed to a closed damper. This metal plate seals the opening and acts as a barrier, keeping warm air inside while blocking out cold drafts outside – thus leaving your room feeling chilly!

Make sure to keep the damper open for optimal warmth in any season!

3. There Is a Leak in the Fireplace

Cold drafts coming from your fireplace? You may have a case of a chimney leak! That’s right – cracks in the mortar or gaps around the flue can let cold air enter your room, making it seem chillier.

So, if you feel something is off with how drafty this winter has been – take a look at where those gusts of chilly wind are truly blowing from!

4. The Fire Is Not Hot Enough

Are you feeling a chill come from your fireplace? That may mean the fire is not strong enough to keep you warm. When lit, it should be hot and bright – any cracks in the firebox can let cold air through and make for an uncomfortable winter night!

5. The Room Is Poorly Insulated

A chilly draft from your fireplace may seem like an enigma, but the real culprit could be a lack of insulation in the room.

Suppose there is insufficient protection between you and outside air temperatures. Cold air can easily come into your space via cracks around windows or doors – making it feel that much chillier!

How To Stop Your Chimney from Letting Cold Air In

Having a Chimney that lets cold air in can be quite a hassle and time-consuming to clean. While it may seem difficult to stop your chimney from doing this, there are some things you can do yourself to reduce the issue.

One of the best ways is to properly maintain and clean it regularly to ensure all crevices are taken care of. You can also install weather-stripping or draft-stopping material around the Chimney’s perimeter, so air doesn’t move through too easily.

No matter what method you choose, hire professional chimney sweeps from Creative Masonry and Chimney, who will help you resolve any chimney issues quickly and safely while ensuring they leave no mess when they depart.

It is important to remember that no matter how good your DIY skills might be, professional expertise is never out of the question when it comes to something as intricate as chimney maintenance.