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5 Décor Ideas to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Rustic

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Home décor ideas are always abuzz, which means depending on your interests, you can transform the entire appearance of your house. Rustic chic is all the rage these days, with décor enthusiasts channeling contemporary yet rustic aesthetics in their homes.

You can do this easily while on a budget and sticking to easily recyclable and installable items in the home. Some of the simplest ways to make your house or apartment look more rustic are by:

1. Adding a fireplace

If your home doesn’t already have one,

you can hire us for fireplace installation that will elevate your home to modern rustic status in a jiffy. In an era of artificial heating and temperature control, a fireplace is a perfect addition in terms of aesthetics.  You can play with the exteriors, painting over it with colors like white, beige, cream, or leaving it in natural textures.

brick walls interior

2. Adding exposed brick walls and interiors

Nothing quite like exposed brick for the ultimate rustic look. We can work to add a whole wall, put in panels, frame windows, or build your fireplace with exposed brick, or take your existing brick walls and remove the layers over them to bring out the desired look. You can also get a brick wall added to your exteriors, which can help enhance the outward appearance of your property.

earthy tone and textures

3. Earthy tones and textures

Play with the general hues and textures added to your home. You can repaint your house in neutral, earthy colors such as white, brown, beige, or deeper tones of green and grey. Generally, use colors that will liven it up and work well to reflect natural light in your home. Get furniture made with natural materials such as wood for the perfect touch. Light fixtures made of iron are also a small but effective way to make your home feel more rustic.

4. Wood stoves

Wood burning stoves can easily be installed in your house. We offer a range of products and services that you can request, including stove installation. Get that farm-like feeling without the extensive construction of fireplaces and enjoy the versatility and aesthetic value that these stoves offer.

5. Stone walls

We believe that stone walls can be works of art when done right, which is why we offer stonework as part of our masonry services in CT.

We work to create stone veneers, walls, walkways, and much more that can give your house a welcoming, warm, and rustic feel.

You can get in touch with us and go over the home renovation options and other masonry construction work.