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4 Trendy Fireplace Designs

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When you have a fireplace at home, you can get trendy fireplaces according to the theme and design of your room. A fireplace can help you keep your house warm during the winter and gives a cozy feel to your living room.

You need to decide which type of fireplace you’ll need, and then you can choose the mounting options as well.

Here are several trendy fireplace designs.

A Conventional Open-Hearth Fireplace

A conventional fireplace is always best if you’re going for a wood-burning fireplace. An open-hearth fireplace is usually made with bricks to give it a traditional look. They use the flue and chimney for the airflow. A traditional fireplace is quite costly, and you can install it if you want to give your home a luxurious appeal.

Moving to a new place with a wood-burning fireplace shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you want to renovate your house and install a wood-burning fireplace, it’ll lead to problems and will require a lot of construction. This is one of the main reasons people other options.

A Free-Standing Fireplace

A free-standing fireplace looks exactly like a conventional one with an open hearth. It would require a wall or ceiling nearby to be able to release the toxic smoke outside. You can keep on changing the place of the electric fireplace; however, moving the one attached with gas pipes can be dangerous.

A free-standing fireplace is available in traditional, vintage and modern styles. You can also set up the free-standing fireplace with a TV placed on top of the mantel to use the space efficiently.

A Wall-Mounted Fireplace

When people have less space available in their house, they opt for a wall-mounted fireplace. It has become trendy over the years for open-air areas. It can be placed in the rooms of your house as well. As the wall-mounted fireplace doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to a chimney, it depends on the area you place it in and the type of fuel you use. A wall-mounted fireplace looks quite elegant and gives a very cozy feel to the room, which is why it is still trending even after years.

A Built-In Fireplace

A built-in fireplace insert is a ready-made fireplace that only needs to be installed in your room. It can use any kind of fuel and start burning without hassle. This helps you revamp your current fireplace with any style you want to go for.

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