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4 Rare Issues That Can Occur In A Chimney During The Summers

Post by : dminCMC


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As we approach the warmer months, your fireplace is one of the first appliances in your house to go out of use. You may not put much thought into the chimney or fireplace as a result, but that only sets it up for a host of problems that will hit you once you do need the heating back on.

While there aren’t any fires burning in the chimney, there are still plenty of things that are happening. Therefore, it’s essential to call in an experienced chimney sweep to address any potential issue before your fireplace is back in service in the winter.

Structural Damage:

When your chimney is not in constant use, you’ll be able to better spot any structural damage happening to it. To see if your chimney is falling apart, stand outside the house and look up. Some early damage may be harder to find since it consists only of small cracks in the brick and mortar and water leaks. These cracks can seep water in and erode the structure. Moreover, in low temperatures, this water will expand and break the whole piece apart.

To prevent this from happening, ask a chimney technician to inspect the chimney and waterproof it with a special spray sealant.

Odors From The Chimney:

As the weather becomes hotter, it’s easier to notice smells in the air. The interior of your chimney may start emanating a foul odor because of excess soot, creosote, and other debris such as animal droppings and small dead animals.

Have the chimney cleaned out by an expert to eliminate all these smells.

Brickwork Problems:

Depending on the quality of mortar used, chimney masonry can last you an entire century. However, mortar can wear away when the masonry and chimney system with damaged stones, bricks, or mortar joints are exposed to water and moisture. Waterproofing the brickwork can help keep moisture out. But if the masonry has been damaged beyond repair, you may need to hire a stone masonry contractor to replace the mortar.


Fireplaces that burn wood have large amounts of creosote stuck to the chimney walls. Creosote is a byproduct of smoke vapors from burning and is highly flammable. This substance accumulates on the flue lining and can create a severe safety risk to the house. Therefore, it’s essential to get all the creosote professionally removed before the fireplace is used again.

Storm Damage:

Irresponsibly installed chimney caps and chimney flashings can get damaged by summer rains and heavy winds. The flashing refers to a metal barrier that lines the outside of the chimney where it’s attached to the roof and prevents water seepage. If the flashing gets damaged or warped, it may lead to water getting inside the building, leading to all sorts of problems from wall stains to structural damage.

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