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4 Most Common Problems With Old Chimneys

Post by : dminCMC


wood burning in fire place

An old charming can be incredibly charming. The attention to detail, architecture, design, the craftsmanship is always something to behold and admire. But all that takes a back seat when chimney problems become apparent.

New homes today are more likely to be built with modern codes and materials that conform to published security standards. Therefore, newer homes are more likely to be safe. But that does not mean that your old home is unsafe. However, you just need to be aware of the safety standards. This blog will guide you through some common chimney problems in old homes.

What comes to mind when you think of a chimney? You must have imagined a traditional chimney with bricks, a crown, and a fireplace. While bricks are tough and strong, they are not invincible and neither is the mortar that holds them together. Some common problems associated with damaged masonry are defined as follows. And if addressed in time, then they can prolong your chimney’s life.

smoke coming out of old house’s chimneySettling

Are you familiar with the leaning tower of Pisa? Well, as older homes begin to settle, the chimney can start to lean or crack. This can lead to a potential chimney collapse or an increased chance of fire. The lack of a chimney liner can also lead to this issue.

Weather Damage

Older, historic homes have chimneys that have withstood almost a century of weathering. These chimneys have ancient masonry. And the brick exterior of these chimneys will eventually wear down after years of weather damage and wear and tear from usage.


This is another chimney weather problem. The freezing temperatures and thaw cycle can be brutal on masonry. The back-and-forth between weather extremes can affect a chimney’s functionality and safety. Water infiltration and moisture can lead to mortar joint damage and ultimately damage the structure of the chimney

Chimney Caps for Chimney Crowns:

Your top of the chimney is called a chimney crown. To protect your chimney from moisture and prevent your crown from cracking we recommend installing a chimney cap. If the crown becomes cracked it become susceptible to moisture. And moisture is the biggest enemy for your chimney system. It can damage the masonry, chimney lining, damper, firebox, ceiling, and walls of your home. So,chimney caps not only protect your chimney from moisture but also keep debris and animals from getting in.

It is normal for homeowners to forget about fireplace and chimney maintenance when it is not being used. But it is important to ensure that your chimney is working properly by doing annual inspections.

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