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4 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

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The US remodeling industry has seen a 4.4% growth between 2017 to 2022. Fireplaces are becoming an increasingly attractive feature for most homeowners. Estimates tell us that in 2017, 320,000 houses had newly built fireplaces installed.

Now’s the perfect time to invest in a fireplace remodeling project since the winter season is over, and you have plenty of time before the next one. Our expert chimney sweeps at Creative Masonry and Chimney bring you a few remodeling ideas that you can find a way to incorporate this summer.

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Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces are the traditional fireplaces that were found in old houses. Amidst all the new technology that has made its way into the fireplaces, wood fireplaces are the kind that’ll never go out of style. They give you a cozy vibe and create a beautiful ambiance in your house that you won’t find with any other fireplace.

The best thing about them is that you don’t have to depend on electricity to use them, and they don’t cost heavily on your utility bill. The only cost that comes with them is when you have to buy wood logs.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces look somewhat like wood ones. They work the same way as well. The only difference is that fire in gas fireplaces is produced by gas. But that is their best feature. Because it makes them more manageable, you can easily adjust the fire according to your need. Even when you want to stop the fire, it swiftly dissipates; all you have to do is turn off the gas.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces work a bit differently than wood fireplaces or gas ones. All you have to do is simply plug it in and turn on the electricity, and it’ll provide heat into your house without any fumes that usually come with wood fireplaces. Homeowners that are going for a different look choose electric fireplaces to install in their house as it gives a more lavish feel to their living rooms. They’re easy to clean and are low-maintenance. The only downfall is that they can increase your utility bills if you don’t use them efficiently.

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Fireplace Mantels

Most fireplaces have mantels around them that add to the stylishness of the fireplaces. With wood fireplaces, its main use is to catch the fire smoke in the hood. But homeowners get it installed with electric fireplaces for the complete look. With time, fireplace mantels have evolved a lot. They can be customized into different designs as per your requirement.

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