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4 Clear Signs That Indicate Your Chimney Needs Maintenance

Post by : dminCMC


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Your home’s chimney has served you well over the past years, keeping your toes warm and your marshmallows toasty!

However, for the last round, you couldn’t help but feel like something is a little off.

Now that its summertime, take the chance and give your chimney a good look. It might be trying to tell you something.

Common Chimney Problem Signs To Be Aware Of

chimney on roof

1.     Damage Around The Mortar Joints

No need to get up on the roof! Just take a ladder and get a good vantage point, so you can at least get the mortar joint in sight. See any white layers around the bottom, some patchy holes bad enough to trigger your trypophobia?

If yes, then your chimney’s mortar joints are heavily damaged and require repairs. Damage to the joints causes accelerated damage to the bricks since it’s exposed to moisture. That moisture gets into the small cracks of the bricks and causes further damage, ultimately leading to a chimney collapse.

2.     Cracked Crown

If you’re okay with going up on the roof, have a look at the chimney crown as well.

Chimney crowns can crack if moisture finds its way through the micro-cracks, leading to spalling and shaling. If that happens, it becomes easy for water to go in and damage the flue lining and interior components of the structure as well.

3.     Rusted Firebox Or Damper

There shouldn’t be any signs of moisture in your firebox or your chimney. So, if you spot any tell-tale signs or a specific metallic smell from the area, check inside with a flashlight. Have a close look at your chimney damper and see if it operates and seals properly.

Also, flash your light up the chimney to check the flue lining. If there are any signs of deterioration like cracks, you’ll need to have that looked at straight away. Otherwise, it may lead to a house fire.

4.     Damaged Wallpaper

Especially around the chimney and fireplace, if you see any wet spots or slight discoloring, this could mean that moisture has made its way through to the walls and will require extensive repair work.

With such damage, it helps to get the repairs done right away. Otherwise, that leads to more damage. With the upcoming monsoon season, you don’t want to be unprepared if a bad storm comes your way.

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