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3 Ways You Can Maintain Your Masonry

Post by : dminCMC


A wooden window on a brick wall covered with plants.

Masonry structures, characterized by their durability, strength, and timeless appeal, have been an integral part of architecture for centuries. From grand cathedrals to charming cottages, masonry stands as a testament to human craftsmanship. However, like all things, masonry requires proper care and maintenance to retain its beauty and structural integrity over time.

In this blog, we will explore three essential ways you can maintain your masonry and ensure it stands the test of time.

Regular Cleaning

One of the fundamental aspects of maintaining masonry is regular cleaning. Over time, masonry surfaces can accumulate dirt, grime, pollutants, and even biological growth like mold and mildew. These contaminants not only ruin the appearance of your structure but can also contribute to deterioration if left unchecked. Here’s how to effectively clean your masonry:

Gentle Scrubbing: Use a soft-bristle brush or a cloth to gently scrub away loose dirt and debris from the surface. Avoid using abrasive tools that can damage the masonry.

Mild Detergent: Mix a mild detergent with water and apply it to the surface. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing gently. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to prevent detergent residue.

Pressure Washing: In some cases, pressure washing can be used to clean masonry surfaces. However, using the right pressure setting and technique is crucial to avoid damaging the masonry or forcing water into cracks.

Repointing and Repair

A man wearing a blue jumpsuit and a white shirt repairing a brick wall.

Repointing, also known as tuckpointing, is a critical maintenance task for masonry structures, especially those made with mortar joints. Mortar joints can degrade over time due to weather, moisture, and settling, leading to gaps and cracks. Repointing involves removing the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar.

Inspection: Regularly inspect your masonry for cracks, gaps, and signs of crumbling mortar. This can help you identify areas that require repointing.

Mortar Selection: Choose a mortar mix that closely matches the original in terms of color, texture, and composition. Using the wrong mortar can weaken the structure and affect its appearance.

Professional Help: Repointing is a skilled job that requires expertise. While minor repointing can be done by homeowners, more extensive repairs should be handled by professionals to ensure proper structural integrity.


Masonry structures are vulnerable to water infiltration, which can lead to damage, efflorescence (salt deposits), and even structural issues. Proper waterproofing can significantly extend the life of your masonry.

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