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3 Summer Kitchen Ideas For Your House

Post by : dminCMC


The summer months all but beckon you outside to your yard. Suddenly, it seems like everything feels better in the summer, whether it be napping in the sun, swimming in the pool, or enjoying freshly grilled burgers in your backyard.

Summer is the perfect time to spend cooking and eating your meals outdoors, but hauling kitchen supplies and food items out from your indoor kitchen can be a pain no one wants to deal with.

An outdoor kitchen provides an easy solution to this problem, allowing you to extend your outdoor living area into a convenient and enjoyable place.

The Cost Of An Outdoor Kitchen:

Depending on the items and appliances you want to install, the cost of building an outdoor kitchen may vary. But remember to use materials that are specifically manufactured for the outdoors. Also, keep the weather in mind so you can choose the appliances accordingly.  An experienced masonry contractor can help you choose suitable materials to include for better safety against the elements.

When building an outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to consider the amount of space you have, your budget, materials needed, the appliances you want to install, how often you’ll use the kitchen, and maintenance. Features like ice machines, brick pizza ovens, and a fire pit will only add to the final cost.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs:

Kitchen Bar:

Keep your guests in high spirits by including bar seats next to the grill. This will allow the cook to engage in the fun while guests can enjoy food fresh off the grill. If you have a small yard, a kitchen bar is a great idea to save space, but even if you have a large area, you can have the chairs complement the dining table.

Outdoor kitchen grill

Cover The Cooking Area:

Add a roof or a cover over the outdoor cooking area to keep the festivities going even when an unexpected rain shower pulls up. Create a cozy dining area with ample counter space and seating, as well as a fire pit to warm up next to. You can add a pergola to get the right amount of shade and coverage without sacrificing the view.

Add A Full-Sized Fridge:

If you plan on using your outdoor kitchen a lot, a large fridge and freezer may be the perfect investment to make. Stock up on ice, chilled drinks and your chosen food for the week and enjoy your time feasting in the yard.

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