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3 Signs You Need a Chimney Rebuild

Post by : dminCMC


A chimney is an integral part of your home, yet homeowners don’t give much thought to its maintenance and repair. Severe weather could be a culprit when it comes to wear and tear of your chimney. While they are sturdy, if you’ve not considered getting an inspection for a while now, it may be time for a complete chimney rebuild.

We have discussed some signs that you are sure not to miss, as they indicate rebuilding your chimney.

white house with brown roof and chimney

Do You See White Stains?

Due to water damage, you may see white stains outside the chimney. These stains come from the natural salt building upon the surface of the chimney when the moisture evaporates. You may consider washing them as it is easy to do, but this would not solve the problem. Once you spot these stains, look for missing mortar joints, damaged crown, or missing chimney cap, as any of these can be the reasons behind them.

Is Your Firebox Or Damper Rusty?

Moisture in your fireplace or chimney causes more significant problems for you in the long run. You can be sure that the chimney isn’t working as efficiently as it should if the damper or firebox is rusty. Moreover, one of the most prominent signs of moisture damage is that it prevents the damper from closing properly. Additionally, moisture also leads to cracked tiles which can be dangerous as it may cause a house fire.

Some old buildings in different colors

Do You Sign of Spalling and Shaling?

Many homeowners are not aware of the term Spalling. Well, it simply means flaking, peeling, and crumbling of the concrete and bricks as the water enters. Among other red flags, this is probably the biggest and most prominent one, and professional assistance is required right away for your chimney repair.

If left untreated, it will cause significant damage not only to your house but also put your family in extreme danger. Spalling weakens the structural integrity of the chimney as it corrodes.

On the other hand, shaling means damaged flue tiling piling up on the bottom of the chimney. You will not have to go outside to spot them as you’ll start seeing tiles falling off in your fireplace. This happens when the flue liners are not properly intact, which is important for the safe use of the fireplace.

Are You Looking For A Chimney Rebuilding?

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