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3 Reasons Your Fireplace Needs An Annual Inspection

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Fireplaces are probably the best thing about freezing winter nights. However, owning a fireplace is a responsibility, since ignoring to clean it and get it inspected regularly can lead to a lot of damage to your home and those in your home. Whether you have a gas fireplace or a traditional wood-burning fireplace, getting annual inspections is a necessity.

Here’s why you should be getting regular inspections for your fireplace.

To Remove Creosote Buildup

Creosote is bound to form whenever you light up your fireplace. It sticks to the interior of the chimney walls and flue and is a byproduct of smoke. Sticky, tarry, and dangerously flammable creosote buildup can result in chimney fires, which can lead to house fires.

An inspection and cleaning are necessary to remove all creosote buildup.


Whether your fireplace is old or new, a regular inspection will ensure that it’s performing to its full capacity. A fireplace is susceptible to wear and tear, cracks, and other problems, which is why it could develop cracks over time, leading to water leaks. If you have a gas fireplace, water leaks as a result of ignoring thermopile cleaning can result in sudden explosions or fires.

A regular inspection will ensure that everything’s up to date, practical, and functioning properly.

Improve Ventilation

Unwanted dirt, dust, and debris can block your fireplace, leading to poor ventilation. Even if you have a gas fireplace, you’ll need to get an annual inspection done since moisture can result in deterioration over time. This means that air can move freely between the cracks, which can block the ventilation system. Having a poorly ventilated fireplace is one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in homes and can even lead to death.

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