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3 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Install a Chimney Cap

Post by : dminCMC


A chimney cap is one of the main parts of the chimney necessary for the smooth functioning of the chimney. They’re protective coverings made from steel or copper mesh wires, available in various styles. On top of the mesh rain, a cap covers the chimney safeguarding it against the rain and draft. Although a chimney will continue to work without a chimney cap, the chimney needs to function safely and successfully.

A chimney cap is a great way to keep the chimney well maintained all year around. The caps can keep debris, bugs, and even rain, thereby protecting the chimney.

Here is a list of reasons why you should install a chimney cap:

Damage Caused By Animals And Insects

Small animals tend to find cozy spaces to hibernate in the winter season, and a chimney is a perfect spot for this. Although it is a temporary home, it can cause damage to your chimney, especially when it’s in use.

These small animals can leave behind twigs, branches, and debris which can cause harm to the chimney. An abundance of these materials can start a chimney fire and even harm small animals. A chimney cap makes sure that this material and small animals don’t enter the chimney.

Birds have built a nest on top of a chimney.

Water Erosion

Natural elements can enter the chimney when it is uncapped. Due to water damage, algae and moss can grow in the crevices of the chimney, destroying the other parts of the chimney as well. These can range from mortar joints and chimney liners.

Moreover, excess water in the chimney can cause damage to the foundation of the house, i.e. the attic. Eventually, an uncapped chimney can dent the wallet and the property.

Clogged Flue

When twigs, branches, and other debris enters the chimney, it can cause blockage of the ventilation system. This is a significant safety, and health hazard as dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can be toxic, causing health issues. These include respiratory problems, unconsciousness, and even death in extreme cases.

A blocked flue can also lead to a house fire as flammable objects are present in the chimney. Lighting a chimney under these circumstances is very dangerous without getting it cleaned by a chimney sweep.

 A chimney sweep is cleaning a chimney.

If you have a chimney installed in your home, make sure to get a chimney cap installed by Creative Masonry And Chimney.

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