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3 Patio and Deck Repairs to Do in the Fall

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With fall just over the horizon, this is the ideal time to get any and all fall repairs for your patio and deck. Homeowners know that even the most durable and resilient flooring materials tend to succumb to the elements, leading to a host of frustrating problems with your patio.

While those problems may be annoying, it’s not like they cannot be addressed. Most of these issues have simple solutions. We’ve prepared this piece with some of the common patio and deck repairs you should do in the fall. Take a look.

Inspect and Repair Your Damaged Patio

Carefully inspect your patio and deck for any visible damage. Make sure to look for splintered wood, rotten boards, warping, and broken nails. At times you may simply need to hammer a few nails back into place, while at other times, you may need to replace entire sections of the decking.

Remove Weeds

Interlocking pavers are a fantastic addition to any homeowner’s patio because of their beauty. With that in mind, why would you let pesky weeds grow in between them? The most effective way to avoid weeds from ruining the look of your patio is to prevent them from growing in the first place. You can do that by installing pavers properly and regularly sweeping the area. If, however, you’ve noticed weeds popping out of the spaces between the pavers, here are a few ways to get rid of them:

brick patio

  • Pressure washer: Using a pressure washer will ensure your patio and your pavers are deep cleaned. They are also an effective way to root out pesky weeds. Just make sure to keep the pressure low and hold the nozzle about a foot away to avoid surface degradation on the pavers.
  • White vinegar: You can always resort to this eco-friendly and affordable weed-killing solution. It is also safe to use on pavers.

Fix Misaligned or Sunken Pavers

Not only will sunken and misaligned pavers ruin the visual appeal of your patio they will also end up causing drainage issues that will eventually lead to more damage. The good news is that you can address sunken and misaligned pavers easily.

All you need to do is to remove the pavers in question using special extractor tools and use sand to align them in the proper position again. Make sure to use a leveler so that the paver is level with the rest of them.

If your interlocking concrete pavers have been neglected for too long and are showing signs of damage, we offer professional masonry design, repairs, and installation in CT. Reach out to us at (860) 225-9178 for more details.