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3 Most Common Chimney Repair Problems and How to Fix Them

Post by : dminCMC


When was the last time you thought about your chimney’s health and got it inspected for any repairs or damages? Probably years ago, right?

Despite what many people think, a chimney is not a low-maintenance feature in your house. The addition of a costly fireplace brings along the whole range of responsibilities for the homeowners to ensure their home’s safety. Ignorance of your chimney’s condition may endanger your family and home, and it is essential to have your chimney inspected on an annual basis.

White and Brown Chimney on Rooftop

While the chimney seems sturdy and strong, looks can be deceiving as it is not as secure. We’ve discussed some common chimney issues here that you can identify during routine inspection and maintenance.

Is Any Of Your Chimney Parts Damaged?

Do you see any damage to your chimney cap, flashing, chase cover, or any other parts? Water will get in quite readily once these components start to fail, and any existing problems will only worsen. The majority of these components offer low-cost, simple ways to keep water and moisture out for an extended period. Contact a professional chimney repair service immediately when you find any of the chimney parts damaged or falling apart.

Do You See Water in Your Fireplace?

There is undoubtedly an issue with your chimney structure, assuming you can see water inside your chimney. You may have a significant leaking problem, or you might be missing a chimney cover or mortar joint. These issues should not be taken lightly as they can set the entire house on fire. Whatever the problem is, bringing in a chimney repair expert straightaway is the best strategy to consider.

brown bird sitting on a chimney

Are There Stains Outside The Chimney Structure?

Indications of staining all through the chimney’s structure, including brown, black, green, red, or white stains, are not good signs. White stains show efflorescence, red stains mean rust, green shading could demonstrate form or mold, and black/earthy colored stains normally show the presence of residue or creosote. None of these are a good sign for your chimney’s health. Regardless, having an expert’s viewpoint on the matter is fundamental, and they should be called to assess the situation in a better way.

Are You Looking For A Professional Chimney Repair Service?

It’s tempting to ignore your house problems and hope they will vanish on their own someday. But chimney issues are sure not to be ignored for the safety of your house and your family.

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