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3 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love

Post by : dminCMC


Fireplaces are a quintessential element in every home. They have been an integral part of interior decoration from early to modern times. Fireplaces add a hint of comfort, and beautify the interiors.

Not only do fireplaces offer benefits such as bringing down electricity costs by keeping the house warm on a cold winter day, but they also add resale value to your home.

Additionally, there are several ways you can spruce up your fireplace. Here are some fireplace remodelling ideas you can incorporate in your living space:

Emphasize Your Fireplace Mantel

The mantel, also referred to as a chimneypiece, is an attached structure on top of the fireplace. Its purpose is to catch the smoke or soot released from the fire and direct it up the chimney flute. However, we’ve also seen mantels being adorned and used for decorative purposes.

There are several ways you can decorate your mantel, such as through bricks or stonework to give it a rustic look. Placing antique wood around it can give your space a country-like lodge look. Embellishing or adding a structure over your mantelpiece can also add sophistication to it.

You Can Install Them At Any Angle

Unlike past trends where fireplaces were located in the center of living spaces, we see corner fireplaces trending this year. Corner fireplaces work well with rooms that don’t have a lot of space, and thereby add depth and dimension to a room.

Corner fireplaces curve neatly in a corner space of the room and are environmentally friendly as they don’t require wood for burning. Instead, these fireplaces can be operated electrically.

Embellish The Area Above Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are eye-catching elements in every space. Therefore, what better place to install a centerpiece or artwork than right on top of the mantel?

Installing mirrors over your fireplace adds depth and glam to your living space. Since fireplaces are mostly present in living rooms or lounges, installing a TV adds an extra level of comfort and luxe to any space. Additionally, TV and fireplaces in the same area go in perfect harmony.

Fireplace burning in a luxurious house

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