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3 Fire Safety Tips for Little Kids

Post by : dminCMC


Fireplaces are essential features of any living space. Not only do they provide comfort and warmth, but they also create the perfect ambiance to spend a night in with the family. But if you have small kids in the family, make sure that you take extra care to keep them safe around fires.

In general, fireplaces need to be well-maintained to avoid chimney fires that are very common in the US and can be potentially harmful to entire families, including children. But here are few extra steps you should take when you have a fire burning little kids around.

Educate Your Children About Fireplace Safety

At a very young age, a child will probably not understand everything you tell them verbally about fire safety, but they’re very observant. When they watch you being safe and careful around a fire, they will subconsciously learn to do the same.

Always keep your kids involved when you’re using the fireplace and teach them how to use it safely. While it goes without saying that they should never be around a fire alone, they’re less likely to try anything risky out of curiosity in the rare instance that they do find themselves unattended.

Create Boundaries and Physical Barriers

fireplace with a glass cover

While you keep the kids involved, also make sure to inculcate the idea of boundaries. It’s always a good idea to create a visible limit, like a rug, for instance. Place the rug at a safe distance and tell them that they can’t go past it. Or better yet, make it a game of “the floor is lava!”

Concurrently, you can invest in a glass front or safety screen for the fireplace. They add a very modern and sleek look to the fireplace while adding an extra layer of protection between your child and the fire. However, they’re not extremely reliable; incidents of the glass becoming too hot and causing burns have been reported. So make sure your kids are never left unsupervised around the fire.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Fireplace Inspections

Maintenance is key when it comes to fire safety. If your fireplace has a chimney, it needs to be inspected and cleaned to make sure that it doesn’t end up becoming a fire hazard. For instance, if you’re burning wood, you need a chimney sweep to come in to clean any tar or creosote buildup, as these are highly combustible substances that you need to get rid of.

A chimney sweep will remove any soot or debris from every part after a thorough inspection. An experienced professional like the ones we have at Creative Masonry & Chimney will end the job with a smoke test to see if the fireplace is safe to use.

Get in touch with us for a chimney inspection. We also provide other chimney and masonry services in Burlington, Hartford, Simsbury, Bloomfield, Avon, CT, and some surrounding areas.