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3 Chimney Rebuilding Benefits

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bricks of a chimney on the roof of a house

The chimney is an integral part of your roof if you have a fireplace installed. Connecticut is thunderstorm prone in spring and snowstorm prone in winter. After withstanding such extreme weather conditions, the roof and chimney are bound to show signs of damage.

What is Chimney Rebuilding?

The process of chimney rebuilding involves breaking your chimney down completely and then building it from the start. It is one of the most time taking processes when it comes to chimney repair. You can avoid chimney rebuilding if you schedule timely chimney inspections and damages are caught and repaired early on.

Chimney rebuilding is different from tuckpointing or repointing. The chimney sweep will fill the missing or broken mortar joints during the tuckpointing process. At the same time, chimney repointing involves removing any damaged parts of your chimney and replacing them with newer material.

If you’ve caught minor wear and tear early on, you can use a chimney repointing or tuckpointing service. But if you’ve failed to do so, you’ll need to rebuild your chimney.

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What are the Benefits of Chimney Rebuilding?

1. Helps Prevent Water Leakage

If the masonry of your chimney has come down crumbling, it’ll create water leakage issues during the rainstorm season. Water will seep through the cracks and into your house. It will destroy the chimney flue. Water will leak into your ceiling and walls through cracks and crevices and cause seepage issues. Stagnant water in your chimney will give a pathway to mold and mildew growth as well.

2. Avoids Risk of House Fires

If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned at least once a year in a long time, it probably has layers and layers of creosote building. Such heavy creosote buildup can’t be completely cleaned during an ordinary chimney cleaning service and will probably cause a fire. Since there’s no proper ventilation through your chimney, this fire can lead back into your house.

At this point, only chimney rebuilding will help you avoid house fires and ensure the safety of your household.

3. Helps Avoid Masonry Spalling

Masonry spalling is a major issue if your chimney is highly vulnerable to water intrusion. Water will slowly cause the masonry work of your chimney to break down. Chimney rebuilding will help you avoid that. Your chimney sweep will use a newer mortar joint that will help restore your chimney’s structural integrity.

The roof of a tile plate chimney

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