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Why You Should Clean Your Chimney This Winter

During the winter, fireplaces and stoves are in constant use of heating. If your fireplace or chimney is not clean, it can cause severe health issues. This blog post will explain why you should clean your chimney in the winter season. To Protect Your House from Fire Hazards We constantly burn wood for heating in […]

Signs That Indicate Your Chimney Requires a Repair

Home is where the hearth is. Associating the fireplace with a space that feels like home is as old as time because, for many of us, having family and family huddled around a warm and cozy fireplace is emotional and intimate. However, if the fireplace is working improperly, such a cozy space can easily turn into a […]

Importance of Chimney Flue

The fireplace’s safety is promised by essential materials working behind the scenes. One of those crucial elements is the chimney flue: a lining inside the chimney that keeps your home and family safe. Read on to learn more about how the chimney flue is important for a fireplace to work safely. What is a Chimney Flue? […]

How Winter Affects Your Chimney

While the fireplace does offer warmth, its chimney undergoes slow changes in the winter. The winter villain, AKA freeze and thaw damage, affects buildings, roads, infrastructure—chimneys are no exception. This is a problem that homeowners dealing with the harsh winters of Connecticut have to face regularly. Freeze-and-thaw damage recurs and unless treated, the results are disastrous […]

Fireplace Safety Tips for Children and Elderly

On a chilly winter night, nothing comes close to family and friends huddled together near a fireplace, engaged in hearty conversations. The fireplace is a space that offers warmth and allows people to come together. However, this space can easily threaten you if you’re not careful. Children and elderly people are especially at risk as […]