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Pros And Cons of Having a Basement Fireplace

Are you planning to build a cozy basement to chill with your friends? Adding a fireplace in the basement is one way to go about it. However, with so many options in the market, it could be challenging to choose the right fit that reaps the most benefits from your heating appliance. Let’s look at […]

Pro Tips for Maintaining A Stunning Fireplace

There’s nothing like spending a cozy winter evening by your fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, and reading your favorite author. However, enjoying a fireplace fully requires regular maintenance and cleaning. A badly maintained fireplace won’t only ruin your experience, but it may also pose safety threats. Here are some effective tips for maintaining a stunning fireplace. […]

The Right Chase Covers For Your Chimney

As any chimney sweep in CT will attest, your flue can get dirty. Not just with byproducts of the fire, but with actual dirt. Even with regular chimney cleanings by professionals, there are safety measures that every homeowner should take. Chimney chase covers are an alternative to chimney caps, which you can read about in this blog […]