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3 Chimney Rebuilding Benefits

The chimney is an integral part of your roof if you have a fireplace installed. Connecticut is thunderstorm prone in spring and snowstorm prone in winter. After withstanding such extreme weather conditions, the roof and chimney are bound to show signs of damage. What is Chimney Rebuilding? The process of chimney rebuilding involves breaking your chimney […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Cap Installation

A chimney is essential to your roof if you have a fireplace installed at your house. They protect your house from external weather elements during thunderstorms and snowstorms. Your chimney has different parts that require a different level of care. According to EPA, the leading factor of house fires was chalked up to failure to […]

4 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

The US remodeling industry has seen a 4.4% growth between 2017 to 2022. Fireplaces are becoming an increasingly attractive feature for most homeowners. Estimates tell us that in 2017, 320,000 houses had newly built fireplaces installed. Now’s the perfect time to invest in a fireplace remodeling project since the winter season is over, and you have plenty […]

Things to Consider for Fireplace Remodeling

Chilling beside a fireplace with your dog or kids on a cold winter night is nothing short of a blessing. It offers comfort, warmth and cozy vibes to the space, and everyone is naturally drawn to it. However,  your fireplace is bound to deteriorate with time, increasing the risks of chimney fires. A well-maintained fireplace […]

2022 Home Design Trends: Celebrate Nature & Tradition with Masonry Stone Work

The pandemic has taught people to value spending time at home, close to their families, and find comfort in simple things. Nowadays, homeowners focus on functional, sustainable, and comfortable elements in their home design. There’s a profound appreciation for nature and tradition, and masonry stonework ticks all the boxes. Masonry design is not only functional but […]