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Ultimate Guide to Chimney Caps

Have you ever wondered if you need a chimney cap? or what would be the right chimney cap for your chimney? A chimney cap is an integral part of your chimney for it to function appropriately. At Creative Masonry & Chimney, we have put together a guide to answer all your questions and guide you to the […]

Debunking the Common Myths About Chimney Cleaning

There were approximately 320,000 newly-built single-family houses with an in-built fireplace. Fireplaces are one of the attractive features when it comes to buying new houses. But what we seem to forget is that it comes with the responsibility of maintaining a chimney. Over the years, people have presumed few misconceptions about chimney cleaning. But fear […]

What to Expect During Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is an occasional but essential part of a home’s maintenance. It offers many benefits, such as improved fireplace safety and performance, preventing water damage, increasing home value, etc. Chimneys are exposed to different weather conditions and external elements all year long. From rain to animals, many factors might necessitate repairs and cleaning. If you […]

The 7 Basic Parts of a Chimney and How to Maintain them

A chimney is an essential part of your roof if you have a functioning fireplace installed at your house. It’s good practice for you to know about the basic components of your chimney and their maintenance. Here are seven basic parts of a chimney. 1. Chimney Flue It provides a vent for your chimney for the […]

Creosote and the Dangers it Poses for Chimneys

Having a fireplace in your home is a blessing because it keeps you warm throughout the winter. It also makes your living room the perfect cozy place to gather for parties or to unwrap Christmas presents with the rest of the family. We love making fires at home, but we have to watch out for […]

Functions and Benefits of a Chimney Liner

Many people who have chimneys in their homes are unaware of the function of chimney liners. Chimney lining allows your fireplace to burn safely and prevents home fires. If you want a chimney liner installed in your chimney, you can reach out to our chimney sweep in New Britain, CT. Here’s what chimney liners are and […]

3 Signs Your Chimney Cap Needs Replacement

The summer months are the best time to get your chimney inspected by a professional to see if it requires repairs or cleaning. Getting chimney repair and cleaning services before the arrival of the winter season will help you avoid being put on a waiting list for chimney services. Your chimney sweep will also let you know […]

3 Myths about Chimneys

If your home has a fireplace that’s used to keep the house warm during the colder months, it will also have a chimney. Chimneys allow smoke, gases, and other by-products of burning firewood to leave the house. Chimneys, therefore, play a major role in keeping the house clean and free from toxins. You should get […]