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Signs Its Time for a Chimney Liner Replacement

For fireplace and chimney safety, chimney liners are essential components. They not only protect you from monoxide poisoning but also prevents fires. Carbon monoxide can seep through porous bricks and mortar into your home. And you can also experience flu combustion from and fire ignitions from combustible substances around the chimney from hot embers and smoke […]

4 Most Common Problems With Old Chimneys

An old charming can be incredibly charming. The attention to detail, architecture, design, the craftsmanship is always something to behold and admire. But all that takes a back seat when chimney problems become apparent. New homes today are more likely to be built with modern codes and materials that conform to published security standards. Therefore, […]

Chimney Rebuilding vs Chimney Re-pointing: The Difference

Chimneys are prone to damage from weather, wear and tear and so many other reasons. And when it comes to repairs, the primary difference between chimney re-pointing and chimney rebuilding is” timing”. And shrewd observation is required for chimney re-pointing. The Difference Chimney rebuilding involves complete removal of the existing brick, mortar joints, and stonework down […]

Causes of a Stinky Chimney

Using a fireplace is great in the winter season. It not only keeps your home warm and cozy but also creates a welcoming ambiance. However, you might not expect unusual odors coming into your home from the fireplace. Bad odors can happen for many reasons. While using air fresheners might do the trick, it temporarily […]

Some Common Signs of Chimney Damage

A damaged chimney can become a fire hazard for your home and can create a safety risk for you and your family. A damaged chimney can not only cause water damage to your home but can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is crucial to contact your local chimney repair service as soon as possible. […]

The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Chimney

A chimney is used as a heating system and a fireplace. If it’s not cleaned correctly, it can affect the chimney’s functionality. Regularly neglecting your chimney can reduce its lifecycle. However, there are many other dangers as well. Let’s take a look at some. Chimney Fire As the chimney continues to burn, it begins to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Ice Dams

An ice dam is a slop that builds upon the slopes of the roof; it can form as snow melts and then refreezes later.  In the daytime, the snow can melt, however freezing again on the cold winter nights.  An ice dam can look very aesthetic but can cause a severe dent in the pockets.  Ice […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Install a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is one of the main parts of the chimney necessary for the smooth functioning of the chimney. They’re protective coverings made from steel or copper mesh wires, available in various styles. On top of the mesh rain, a cap covers the chimney safeguarding it against the rain and draft. Although a chimney […]