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2022 Home Design Trends: Celebrate Nature & Tradition with Masonry Stone Work

Post by : dminCMC


The pandemic has taught people to value spending time at home, close to their families, and find comfort in simple things. Nowadays, homeowners focus on functional, sustainable, and comfortable elements in their home design. There’s a profound appreciation for nature and tradition, and masonry stonework ticks all the boxes.

Masonry design is not only functional but also injects character into your home with its various textures and colors, elevating the aesthetic appeal. Here are some design trends to look out for this year:

Blending Textures and Patterns

Blending multiple materials in your home design makes it visually interesting, drawing visitors to the room. Every element has a unique role; you can mix materials within a room or in different spaces.

Focusing on natural materials and combining stones, bricks, and concrete into the design enhances the depth and complexity of your home. It brings comfort and allows people to interact with the environment and stay close to nature.

Use Warmer Colors

Homeowners are shifting from cool-toned grays to a warmer color palette to make a statement while adding warmth to the space.

Colors like tan, caramel, cocoa, beige, and even black are becoming quite popular because they give a more homey look instead of a plain, cold ambiance. With masonry design, you can add these colors and still maintain a minimal look. Use these colors through structural elements such as doors, fireplace, shutters, siding, etc.

Biophilic Interior

Ever since 2020, biophilic designs have become a huge trend. Biophilia—the love of life— is the human instinct to connect with nature to seek comfort and pleasure. Nature has always been a part of exterior design, but adding it to the interior has a significant effect on your health and home’s aesthetics. You can add stone veneers, plants, and indoor patios to get close to nature.

Brick Walls and Paver Installation

The newfound love for traditional architecture has brought pack brick walls and paver patterns. These details instill a sense of nostalgia and create a distinctive look that everyone appreciates when combined with contemporary design elements.

You can choose from various colors, shapes, and textures for bricks and paver installation and add them to different parts of your home. Modern brick walls complement the cozy environment of the living rooms, backyards, outdoor kitchens, and fireplace area.

A brick wall with a lamp

Clean Lines and Round Shapes

Round mirrors, circular fire pits and pavers, sleek furniture, and illuminating interior elements are super trendy these days. By blending contemporary designs with comfort, these elements create serene spaces. Bricks and stones are versatile materials that can fit in any shape and design. They’re timeless and allow you to get creative with your home’s interior and exterior design.

Masonry is low maintenance, durable, and sustainable, and the modern twist complements the contemporary vibes of a space. If you’re looking for reliable masonry contractors in West Hartford, CT, hit us up. We have some of the best contractors offering residential and U with over 20 years of experience. Besides that, they also offer fireplace remodeling and chimney services. Contact us for details.