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The Long-Term Disadvantages of Not Getting Your Chimney Cleaned

For what it’s worth, let’s say it out loud: a chimney cleaning should not be left undone for a very long period of time. Ideally, a chimney should be cleaned once every year or if you find a glazed consistency residue on the inner walls of your chimney it should be done immediately. In any […]

Why Do You Need a Timely Chimney Sweep and Why Is It Important?

When looking for a new house, one of the most popular features that most buyers look for is a fireplace. According to a survey, 46% of homebuyers are willing to pay extra for houses that contain at least one fireplace. The warm fire adds architectural energy while also providing warmth throughout the cold months. To […]

Why Is Your Chimney Leaking All of A Sudden?

Thunderstorms and heavy rain showers are a sight to cherish. They offer a sweet replacement for the scorching summer sun and happen to be a blessing for our gardens and lawns. However, one unpleasant thing that these heavy rains often bring along them is a leaking chimney—making you cut your celebrations short and dial chimney […]