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What Happens If You Ignore Chimney Cleaning For Too Long?

As temperatures begin to fall, people start spending more time indoors, finding comfort in front of their fireplace. However, what is often ignored is the affect the fireplace has on the chimney. While chimneys are great for giving the house an elegant and sophisticated look, as well as for keeping the temperature stable and air […]

Here’s Why Concrete Repair Is a Vital Concern

Concrete is the most widely consumed material in the world, after water. According to statistics, out 143 tall buildings that were completed in 2018, 62.9% were made from concrete. While concrete has many benefits including being fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, it also cracks and withers just like any other material. While it doesn’t demand frequent […]

Here’s Why You Should Only Hire a Certified Chimney Sweep

DIY hacks are great for making us feel efficient and productive. From house decor to room makeover, they have proved to be quite effective and cost-friendly. However, there are some house tasks which lie beyond the scope of DIY hacks. Processes such as chimney sweeps are highly technical and require expert training. Trying to do […]

What Happens If You Ignore Chimney Cleaning For Too Long

Getting your chimney cleaned regularly is your responsibility as a homeowner. Ignoring to do so may result in numerous hazardous circumstances, for your family and your neighborhood. Here are some things that can happen if you ignore cleaning your chimney for too long. Creosote Build-Up Creosote is an oil that is formed when the coal […]

3 Reasons Your Fireplace Needs An Annual Inspection

Fireplaces are probably the best thing about freezing winter nights. However, owning a fireplace is a responsibility, since ignoring to clean it and get it inspected regularly can lead to a lot of damage to your home and those in your home. Whether you have a gas fireplace or a traditional wood-burning fireplace, getting annual […]

3 Questions You Must Answer Before Getting A New Fireplace

A fireplace is more than just a source of heat; it’s the heart (or shall we say hearth) of your home. It’s the place around which you place your Christmas tree, open presents, cuddle up and share memorable moments with your family. It’s also a long=term investment, so you should be thoughtful before purchasing a […]

Important Fireplace And Chimney Terms You Need To Be Aware Of

Chimneys and fireplaces can be intimidating for homeowners, new and old. However, with chimneys being so critical to the internal structure and foundation of a home, it’s important to understand how they function. Fortunately for you, we’ve combined a list of the most basic chimney and fireplace terms that you need to know as a […]

How to Choose a Chimney Cap

While it’s true that chimney caps are often used for decoration purposes, they can actually help save you money and increase overall efficiency. In the absence of a chimney cap, heat from the fireplace can escape from the top of your chimney. As a result, the temperature in your  home will drop, resulting in heating […]

Signs that Point to a Chimney Inspection

A chimney is a critical part of your home and is not something you can replace too often. Timely care and maintenance can ensure proper chimney functioning and prevent it from any significant damage. This blog post will highlight some of the common signs you should look out for that may indicate chimney damage. If […]