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Smelly Chimneys: Fireplace Odors During Summer

Chimney smell is a common issue that’s often very difficult to resolve. It’s impossible to ignore, and it can trigger certain illnesses if it leads to mold buildup. If fireplace odors are stinking up your home, here are some easy tips on how to eliminate them. Ensure Cleanliness Ensure all the fireplace accessories are properly […]

How to Tell if You Need a Chimney Liner

A chimney liner is an additional layer of defense used to protect a building’s chimneys from damage. Chimney liners are typically made of metal sheeting set in cement or mortar, but they are also constructed from concrete or fired clay, bricks, tiles or corrugated metal. When Should You Get Chimney Lining? There’s a widespread misconception […]

How to Add Novelty to Your Fireplace?

You may be putting an old property on the market or tired of looking at an ancient fireplace so downtrodden that it’s visually offensive. A fireplace remodel can bring up the resale value, resecure a potentially hazardous hearth, and make an old fireside pleasing to the eye once again. Here’s how you can refurbish a […]

How To Bird-Proof Your Chimney

Many households with chimneys face bird infestation problems. Birds can get stuck within chimneys or create nests, blocking the flue and becoming potential fire hazards. Chimney swifts, in particular, are known for roosting inside chimneys. They typically nest between June and August, making them a significant problem during the summer season. Chimney swifts are commonly […]

What to Expect from a Summer Chimney?

Contrary to popular opinion, chimneys do deteriorate with disuse. The long summer months that just whizz by for you may turn out to be a never-ending hiatus for your chimney. Therefore, you need to call in a chimney sweep even during this off-season, for only they can detect and address such issues. Here are some […]

Why Does a Fireplace Need Glass Doors?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that smoke alarms be installed roughly three meters away from a cooking area to minimize false alarms. A bare fireplace can act as a stove but of an extremer level. If allowed, it can smog up the area real fast- chimney or no chimney. The only way to stop […]

Why is Chimney Venting Important?

Chimneys are a central feature of any fireplace. To keep the fireplace working and ensure the safety of everyone in the house, make sure there’s proper venting for the fireplace. This blog post will explain why chimney venting is so important. Chimneys require additional ventilation. Without proper ventilation, flues can potentially fill with dangerous gases […]

Designs for Interior Stone Walls and Fireplaces

Fireplaces conjure images of the home and hearth- cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. However, homeowners chose designs as per their aesthetic sense ranging from the contemporary, modern styles to the rustic or minimal ones. So your fireplace can be re-imagined as per your tastes and ideas and does not have to be a one–size–fits–all model. The […]

3 Summer Kitchen Ideas For Your House

The summer months all but beckon you outside to your yard. Suddenly, it seems like everything feels better in the summer, whether it be napping in the sun, swimming in the pool, or enjoying freshly grilled burgers in your backyard. Summer is the perfect time to spend cooking and eating your meals outdoors, but hauling […]