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Chimney Fires And How To Prevent Them

Every year, homes in the United States experience over 25,000 incidents of chimney fires, which cause over 120 million dollars worth of property damage. Thousands of people get injured, and many may even lose their lives because of the fire spreading. Causes Of Chimney Fires: Chimney fires can be caused by chimney liners or other […]

Why It’s Vital To Get Your Chimney Cleaned

All across the country, thousands of homeowners depend on fireplaces, wood stoves, and various other wood-burning and fossil fuel heating appliances to keep their homes warm during the cold months. These heating devices help create hot air, which keeps the indoors warm and toasty, perfect for keeping you and your family safe. However, during the […]

Tips And Tricks To Extend Your Chimney’s Lifespan

Those living in Connecticut can understand the importance of a warm indoor fire during the harsh winter months. But while fireplaces are essentials during the cold months, they tend to get overlooked during the summer, causing the chimney to get damaged. Chimneys are designed and built to last a long time, but they are still […]