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4 Trendy Fireplace Designs

When you have a fireplace at home, you can get trendy fireplaces according to the theme and design of your room. A fireplace can help you keep your house warm during the winter and gives a cozy feel to your living room. You need to decide which type of fireplace you’ll need, and then you […]

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Chimney Liner If You Don’t Have One Yet

To many, a chimney liner seems like an insignificant part of the chimney that they don’t fully understand, but in reality, it’s one of the most important components of the chimney. Fireplaces that burn oil, gas, or solid fuels need to have a liner installed that helps the by-products of combustion move up and away […]

How To Set Up Your Chimney Space

A fireplace feels like the heart of the home and can add a warm coziness to it. Most winter days are spent lying by the roaring fire in a warm blanket. However, not every fireplace is put to work, and sometimes, homeowners may want to keep it just for the sake of the comfy vibe […]

A Guide To Choosing The Right Chimney Material For Your New Home

When you’re building your new home, you may try to get everything done perfectly, getting items and material that match your preferences and home’s theme. Choosing a chimney can be an overwhelming task because you need to get the right materials while making sure it matches the aesthetic of your house. Your chimney plays a […]

The Ultimate Guide To Chimney Waterproofing

Waterproofing can help you keep your chimney clean and prevent water from seeping into the chimney and fireplace, resulting in damages. Water leakage can cause cracks, chipped paints, and structural problems to your fireplace. People get their chimneys waterproofed to reduce regular repairs and costs. Here’s an ultimate guide to chimney waterproofing. How Does It […]

Most Common Chimney Problems And How To Prevent Them

A fireplace and chimney can add character and warmth to any home, but if you think it’ll be a low-maintenance addition, then you may want to rethink. Fireplaces and chimneys require regular maintenance and constant inspection to ensure they don’t lead to chimney fires that risk you and your family’s safety in any way. The […]

4 Rare Issues That Can Occur In A Chimney During The Summers

As we approach the warmer months, your fireplace is one of the first appliances in your house to go out of use. You may not put much thought into the chimney or fireplace as a result, but that only sets it up for a host of problems that will hit you once you do need […]

5 Ways to Prevent Fireplace Odors

Sitting next to your fireplace and enjoying a warm cup of cocoa while reading a novel can be one of the most peaceful experiences. But imagine how disturbing it would be if your self-care session were interrupted with foul smells from your fireplace area. That could ruin and even kill the whole mood. Fireplace odors […]

8 Chimney Basics Everyone Should Know

Home maintenance and repair is something that every homeowner has to deal with. Chimneys are somehow relatively easy to overlook, and their maintenance can be taken for granted. However, these are a few basic things all homeowners should know about their chimneys. Know Your Chimney Knowing your chimney is the first step to ensure thorough […]

Types Of Chimneys And Chimney Material

Chimneys are responsible for providing an outlet for excess heat and gases that may build up in your home. They are also beautiful to look at and give your home a unique look. But this depends on how you choose to get your chimney constructed and what material you use. So here is a brief […]