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3 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love

Fireplaces are a quintessential element in every home. They have been an integral part of interior decoration from early to modern times. Fireplaces add a hint of comfort, and beautify the interiors. Not only do fireplaces offer benefits such as bringing down electricity costs by keeping the house warm on a cold winter day, but […]

3 Ways to Spice Up Outdoor Living

With spring almost here and the fear of COVID-19 still lingering in the air, it’s a great idea to revamp your outdoor living spaces. With a new porch here and an added walkaway there, your outdoor space could be turned into a dream spot you won’t ever want to leave! Here are a few ideas […]

How to Clean Your Outdoor Kitchen

There is something magical about connecting with nature while cooking. But most people keep things casual in an outdoor kitchen. However, even the simplest outdoor kitchen still requires a bit more maintenance if used regularly. If you’re in the process of building an outdoor kitchen, we strongly advise going for natural-looking materials like granite and […]

Fireplace Fashion Throughout the Ages

Fireplaces were introduced as essential features in living spaces to provide necessary warmth to make houses more comfortable. But as time went by, they became more stylish and elaborate, to the point of being built as decorative features within a room. Fireplace designs have evolved over the centuries; however, we can still see design influences […]

4 Patio Upgrades You Need ASAP!

Patios are an integral but usually neglected part of the house. What most people don’t realize is that they have a lot of potential. Patios are the perfect place to get some fresh air and sunlight, which will help keep your mood uplifted . Plus, they offer a place to relax with friends and family. […]

Which Fireplace Will Match My Décor?

Fireplaces are all the rage when it comes to interior and even exterior home decor. People have been using fireplaces since the 15th century, thereby forming an integral part of medieval houses and castles. You may be wondering why fireplaces are still so popular. Apart from adding depth and aesthetic to your space, they offer […]

3 Fire Safety Tips for Little Kids

Fireplaces are essential features of any living space. Not only do they provide comfort and warmth, but they also create the perfect ambiance to spend a night in with the family. But if you have small kids in the family, make sure that you take extra care to keep them safe around fires. In general, […]

3 Common Reasons for Chimney Leaks

Although the National Fire Protection Association advises that chimneys should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year, most people forget about chimney maintenance once the winter’s over. Chimneys are exposed throughout the year, which is why it’s important to keep a close eye on their maintenance. One of the most prevalent issues that […]