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Outdoor Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2021

2020 had us all cooped up inside our houses for so long that one of the leading trends for 2020 home renovations seems to be… outdoor and backyard kitchens. To get more specific, here are some trends that stood out.

The 3 Most Common Winter Chimney Problems

For people in Connecticut, chimneys don’t come into use until there’s a chill in the air—and when you do start using them, you use them all through the winter. Continuous use is bound to lead to problems, and many of these problems surface more commonly in the winters. Some of the most common problems people […]

Are You Facing These Pellet Stove Issues?

The fireplace in your Connecticut home makes winters cozy. There’s something so special about sitting in front of a fireplace with the family, or even on your own. Every pellet stove in a fireplace is distinct due to its unique construction, but they all operate in a similar way. Pellet stoves are likely to develop […]

Chimney Maintenance Tips and Hacks

Yes, you get your chimney repaired when something goes wrong, you have it cleaned regularly, and you get it inspected in winters—but is that enough? We’ve got some additional ideas for long-term chimney maintenance! Hack #1: Store Wood Outside the House Keep wood outside the house in a clean area that isn’t damp. Ensure that […]

Get a Chimney Inspection in the Winters. Here’s Why

For a lot of people, getting their chimneys inspected in winters is simply a matter of preventing fires and keeping their house warm throughout the cold season. However, what many people fail to acknowledge is that there’s a lot more that goes into a chimney’s well-being—all of which makes an annual chimney inspection all the […]

Why You Should Get Your Chimney Swept in the Winters

Getting your chimney swept should be a priority regardless—but getting it swept in winters is all the more imperative—and here’s why. Removing Hurdles You’re probably familiar with gutter clogging—a major plumbing issue throughout the year. For chimneys, however, since they are used mostly in winters, the problem is even more major. The reason for this […]