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Why You Need to Get Your Chimney Swept Every Summer

Your chimney is probably the last thing you’d think about this unfortunate summer. And we don’t blame you. But this doesn’t mean it’s something you should be putting on the back burner! Your chimney and fireplace kept you warm and toasty during the preceding winter months. And now that we’re well and truly into the […]

Essential Tips to Prepare Your Chimney For The Summer

We’re well into the long days of summer here in the U.S., and you know what that means. Out go the fur-lined hoodies, and in are the swimsuits and ice cream cones in each hand! Right now, it’s all about staying calm and relaxed. But does this mean you should ignore everything else that initially […]

What Do Gas and Wood Burning Chimneys Have in Common?

On the surface, it may seem like your wood-burning chimney is different from a gas-burning chimney. But let’s not forget, both fireplaces primarily function the same way: they provide heat. And this heat, combined with either type of fuel, gives off enough similar byproducts that require chimney sweeping and cleaning. What You Need to Know […]

Chimney Exteriors Problems—What Your Chimney is Trying to Tell You

It’s all fun and games till a brick comes crumbling down. It’s only then that you realize that your home’s exterior—specifically your chimney—has been trying to tell you something! Although durable, in essence, your chimney isn’t impenetrable nor is it invulnerable. Though it does have the structural strength to withstand some of the more considerable […]