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What is Efflorescence on Your Brick Chimney?

Have you ever noticed a white powdery substance on your chimney? Without regular maintenance, this substance will build up, and soon, your brick structure will no longer look as refined and elegant as it once did. The accumulation of mineral deposits is referred to as efflorescence. It occurs when moisture seeps into the cracks and […]

Vines on Your Chimneys: Charming or Destructive?

Many homeowners like having vines growing on their houses’ exterior surfaces, including the roof and chimney. They admire the green canopy it creates and the thick foliage that’s added to their homes and makes it look more beautiful. However, while vines on your chimney may look charming, they can be quite destructive and make your […]

3 Signs of Chimney Damage

Chimneys aren’t quite as popular of a feature in modern homes as they used to be, but they’re still a common sight in Connecticut. Many homeowners still prefer to have chimneys, whether it’s for an aesthetic appeal or for practical reasons. Does your house have a good old chimney too? Watch out for these signs […]

3 Types of Chimney Repairs You Need to Know About

If your house in Connecticut has a chimney, you know all too well the importance of keeping it in optimal condition, even if it’s not used at the moment. Chimney care and maintenance is a critical part of home safety, and often includes extensive repair work and replacements to keep the structure up and running. […]

5 Things That Can go Wrong with Your Chimney in Spring

We usually recommend that people get their chimneys cleaned and rebuilt during the spring season because that’s the time when it’s the most damaged. The chimney’s put through its paces during the winter and the spring rains could exacerbate the damage caused by the excessive heating exposure to cause all sorts of damage. With the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Rebuilding, Renovation and Restoration

There are plenty of advantages of having a chimney in your home like lower energy bills, greater aesthetic appeal and more—but neglected chimneys are quite dangerous. Damaged and neglected chimneys present numerous health and safety risks such as that of fires, combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning that highlights the need to have your chimneys inspected […]