Monthly Archives: March 2020

Tips to Make the Best Use of All the Spaces in Your Home

Our homes, whether they’re large mansions or small, cozy apartments, have so much to offer. It’s all about the way we make use of these spaces at the end of the day. We neglect many areas—both inside and outside—of our homes, not recognizing the potential they hold. For many homeowners and residents in general, it […]

Iconic Fireplaces from Your Favorite Hollywood Productions

You’re watching a movie or a T.V. show and suddenly the scene changes to something that’s intense, mysterious, intimate, scary, emotive and exciting—all at once. The ambiance of the room is incredibly important to the scene that’s unfolding before you. Every dialogue’s impact depends on the lighting, mood and scenario the director creates. With years […]

5 Ways to Make Your Fireplace Look More Contemporary

While fireplaces bring an instant touch of both luxury and comfort to a space, they can sometimes look dated and old-fashioned, clashing with your desired aesthetic. If your house came with an in-built fireplace or if you had one constructed upon moving in, you can always change things up. For a more contemporary look, you […]

5 Décor Ideas to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Rustic

Home décor ideas are always abuzz, which means depending on your interests, you can transform the entire appearance of your house. Rustic chic is all the rage these days, with décor enthusiasts channeling contemporary yet rustic aesthetics in their homes. You can do this easily while on a budget and sticking to easily recyclable and […]

Fireplace Safety for Homes with Kids and Pets

Fireplaces look great in the home, whether you live in a mansion or an apartment. They add a touch of rustic elegance, while simultaneously serving a practical purpose in the form of a heating solution. If your house came with a fireplace built-in, or you opted for a fireplace installation through chimney and masonry services like […]