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Chimney Inspections: NFPA 211 Chimney Safety Standards

Before January, 2000 were done at the discretion of chimney sweeps who were not required to follow any specific policy or guidelines. This created a cause and effect situation in which many chimneys were left uninspected, or poorly checked, when they were actually in a serious state of disrepair. The end result was a high […]

Identify Chimney Issues Before Disaster Strikes

Have you inspected your chimney lately? Always figured it looked a bit ‘off’ but it was only cosmetic? Black stains are not just a normal sign of smoke. White stains can be many things, but most likely not just too many local pigeons. From the ground, odds are you’ve no way to see if maybe […]

Creative Masonry & Chimney Announces Wöhler Distributorship

We would like to announce that Creative Masonry & Chimney has recently been appointed as a national distributor for Wöhler Techonologies, a German manufacturer of equipment for visual inspection, measuring instruments and chimney cleaning tools. When it comes to chimney inspection and cleaning equipment, Wöhler brand products are recognized as the “Cadillac” of the industry […]

Concrete Repair Improves Your Home’s Appeal, Safety and Value

Nothing quite says dated and unsafe about a house like the deteriorated concrete of cracked and spalled driveways, foundations, patios, steps, and walks. Expert Concrete Repair will greatly improve your home’s curb appeal and value, as well as make it attractive and safe for you and your visitors. What causes concrete damage? We all know […]

The Benefits of Installing a Patio on your Property

When it comes to adding appeal to your property, a patio installation will work wonders. As we contemplate our next landscaping project, we dream of time spent outdoors and what structure will provide the most comfort. A patio provides your property with versatility and character, allowing you to upgrade or enhance its appearance when you […]

Common Signs You Need Your Chimney Repaired

Maintaining your chimney is a crucial aspect of ensuring your home’s heating system is safe and effective. Your chimney can have a long lifespan, but the elements it is exposed to on a daily basis can cause the material to deteriorate and leave your home in danger. Unless you are consistently using your fireplace, it’s […]

3 Benefits of Pellet Stoves

Although many homeowners do not prefer pellet stoves because they require electricity to work, installing one in your home still comes with many benefits. Pellet stoves are very energy-efficient. Energy bills are getting higher and higher across the U.S., and many homeowners are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. One of the best […]

Why It’s Important to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

Many homeowners know how vital it is to ensure that their fireplace and chimney are winter-ready. But, new homeowners, or those who have just moved into a new home with a fireplace, probably have little to no idea how important it is to guarantee that they are ready to withstand the elements. They also might […]